Monday, 10 November 2014


There is a nice story between the magnificent French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle (PA CDG) and I...

A long time ago (not so long ok!), on the "Rade de Brest" (Brittany-France), after a Pantagruel-fest meal at the Mess Dinner, I was walking on this Aircraft Carrier, touching the floor with my hand, imagining and dreaming exactly at the same place (the PC control under the flight deck), as where this video has been taken...
OMG, suddenly I just realized that I have made a huuuuuuuge mistake... (To be continued)!

As you can see on the video they are 2 amazingly good-looking Rafale M (M for Magique ?, M for Mamour ?, no just for Marine -Naval-), introduced one after another. I will not enter the details of the 2 steam catapults (Are they Americans? Are they called C-13-3?).

Unfortunately, I will never be able to be a back sitter as the Rafale Magique (he is so handsome, isn't he?), is a single sit only... Maybe on the Hawkeye ?

A simple press of a button by the cat-officer (when everyone around is ready of course especially the pilot with a salute) will propel the 14 tons of my imposing Rafale in seconds, reaches a speed of about 300 km/h. Welcome to the G's world (around 5 here)!!

Just enjoy this extraordinary cat shot. The sound of those 2 beauties is pure bliss to me...
Hope you will enjooooooy it as much as I do...


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