Monday, 15 December 2014



I don't know why, I could not explained why, but I absolutely adore the Atlas A400.
Mind you, it is not the same as my crush with my Rafale or Mirage.
No, no, it is something else.
I would like to be under his wings, gently carried away.
I am sure he is gentle.
He looks like a big nounours (a teddy bear in French).
With his black round nose.
Teddy bears always wore black noses remember.
I would like to squeeze his lovely black nose and do "pouet" "pouet".

In this video, at the beginning, he looks like a doggy who is reluctant to go somewhere.
At the end, he really looks like he's delighted with his new coat !!!
This nounours is a French military transport aircraft from Airbus. It is a little bit like a Transall but with 4 times its volume!!!
The Atlas will be used for humanitarian and evacuation mission as well.
He has been designed for transporting very heavy and bulky loads (helicopters, hundred of peoples, paratroopers, armored vehicles, etc, etc...).
This video reminds me a little bit of Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France, when she arrived in France.
Naked, she wore afterwards the "colors" of her new role in France.
This Atlas arrived "naked" in a way and worn with pride afterwards his new colors, the colors of Great-Britain...
Thanks to GS on twitter and Airbus for this lovely video.

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