Monday, 12 October 2015



I have a very special bond with aircraft engines.
It's maybe why I am an aircraft whisperer ;)
Because I have seen them in the most incredible situations :
When they were "tortured" for safety regulations.

Many, many years ago, I had been an intern at "la Snecma".
The place where the engines are manufactured.
CFM engines for Airbus A320 for example...
I was there when a famous Airbus' engine had been built actually.
A little bit disappointed to see the "famous engine" under a kind of white sheet
When I was expecting at least satin...
Anyhow. This intern period had been a bless.
I loved it so much that I did 3 internships there, the maximum you could do...
The people, the place, the smell of the factory...
Everything had been perfect.
And one day, the visit to these big grey blocks on the edge of the main factory where engines were very "loquacious"...
The first glance reminded me a little bit of Jesus Christ on his cross.
Because the engine was suspended by a kind of metallic rope, 
It looked like a cross, it looked weird...
I will not go through everything but the chicken gun was something...
I could hear the engine screaming in a way.
When it was all wet I though that it was maybe crying...
I left this strange place a little bit dizzy or teary ?
It's only metal you know told me the guy I was with...
And from this moment, when I am in presence of an engine,
There is a little bit of a chemistry going on :0)
As I perfectly know that if it is there, 
Just in front of me,
Ready to depart,
He has been on a very, very, very long journey 
To gain its freedom
Its freedom to fly...

 Nota : 
This fabulous engine is not a CFM but a Rolls Royce and is part of the new Airbus A350!

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