Monday, 17 November 2014



An amazing Christmas spirit,
Yes, amazing.
I was lucky to discover the new Jeanne-Baptistine's Christmas sale today.
What an enchantment,
What a delight it was...

Mathilde, the very talented artist composed once again a mosaic of treasure, of marvel.
After a few seconds only, you feel relaxed and completely transported somewhere else...

Somewhere else...
Step after step, lets your imagination transports you...

Feel each elements, each parts,
Parts of one century, parts of history, parts of something different...

They are all here, reunited, to form one unique spirit,
A Christmas spirit...

All the items on this post are on sale at :

For 2 days only !

10 % of the sales will go to Jeanne-Baptistine's charity Anak-TNK fondation (here)

For more Christmas idea from Jeanne-Baptistine's sale, go to my Instagram #jeannebaptistine (here)

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