Thursday, 12 March 2015



In my handbags (I love to change them, nearly, every day which drives my daughter crazy : why do you change your handbag all the time maman ???), amongst the little things a women possess, you will always find a hand cleanser gel. I use them ALL THE TIME and my children as well if I am near them...(gotcha...).
And to be honest with you, I have to buy them quite regularly as my friends know that I ALWAYS carry one... (Pas vrai les filles !!!!).

So after trying what the market has to offer in this department, roughly all of them then, I arrived to this conclusion : I was very disappointed by their smell : they all smell of boring-nothing or toilet lemony bleach for some!!! So it is where my quest for the nice smelly one began... Quest which ended brutally when my head was between the expert hands of my hairdresser and my eyes in front of the page of a magazine he gave me "hand cleanser gel trial...". Apparently,  Body Shop (I am not using their products at all between you and I...) had one without triclosan and with a refreshing coconut smell.....Hum heaven. Yes, you know my love for this dry drupe (here and here...). So, it's with a new hair cut that I entered the boutique in High Street Kensington to discover the smell I was waiting for : coconut! Mind you, the smell is very strong of....coconut (well done !!!). If you are not a coco-nut like me, you may turn to their clementine, lemon, strawberry, mango or pink grapefruit flavor. But for me, I think, that the best is coconut...
And no, I am truly sorry but apart from the coconut hand cleanser gel, I am not using any Body Shop product...

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