Sunday, 5 July 2015



I am going on holiday for a few weeks.
First in my family house then a little bit everywhere in France.
I will do a wifi-detox :
No mobile phone, no computer, no things at all!!!
I will go back to my country, to my family, to my roots.
It's always strange for me to go back to my family house for holidays.
To see my friends, to go back to my childhood.

The places are the same,
The people are the same
But no, ok, you are right, not really in fact.
The colors of the places are different, it seems weird I know, but I cannot find the same blue color the sky had when I was a tiny little girl...
The people are always there : we were in kinder garden together (can you believe that) ???
We are the same only with a little bit of weight, a little bit of wrinkles, a little bit of grey...
But then something happened when I walk around :
I can feel the wind in my hair playing in a different way,
I can walk in the tall grass looking for grasshopper,
I can smell the special odor of the woodlands and trees surrounding my house,
I can talk and thank the sun which is displaying its nicest color only for me during the amazing sunset it offers through the little colines on the border of my village.
Throughout those special moments, nothing else exists :
I am not a women anymore, 
I am not a mother anymore.
I am just an 8 years old little girl...

Bonnes vacances  !

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