Thursday, 28 January 2016


 {PART 1}

I am a very strange woman.
I never have vomited in my whole life.
I had fever 3 times only in my whole life too.
I never had otitis.
I never ever had flu.
I don't have any iron...

I just had chickenpox.
When all my friends during winter times stayed at home one after the other for sickness, I was always standing like an oak or maybe with my eyesight of 12/10 like a sentinel (see "the day the Earth stood still), trying to catch it too...
But no worries, I have lots of troubles as well and one in particular : painfully sore and dry lips.
You may think "Oh la la, it's nothing to have dry lips".
No, it is absolutely not.
Because sometimes, I cannot even properly open my mouth to eat.
Because sometimes, my lips are so red that I look like a clown.
In some crisis, I have what we call an "angular cheilitis".
It is where you lips are cracked open with sometimes a little bit of blood at the corner of your lips.
It is then so inflamed, that it looks like I have put too many RED lipstick at the corner of my mouth which looks, heuuuuu.
You may suffer from this as well...

Apparently, it exists with lots of people who cannot put a name on it : here you are.
Between you and I, FORGET about lip balms for ever!!!
Because in every lip balm, they put perfume or preservatives which will aggravated your condition to much worst where only a Doctor can rescue. Be careful. 
So every single day, I put this French unguent called "Homéoplasmine".
This unguent you find in France only and that my friends who visited me always brought me back is made with extracts of plants and an antiseptic.
You are lucky, very lucky indeed, it exists since a couple of months now in Space NK ...
Like the WOW product (remember here), I have one in my car, one in my handbag, one in my cockpit, etc...

Any Space NK
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